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In the Shadows of the Rune Lords

The country of Varisia is an ancient country, which dates back to the time of legends when the mythic kingdom of Azlant was at it's height of power.  Back then it was known as Thassilon.  Founded by outcasts of Azlant the powerful runelords were a force to be recconed with.  Most of the countries greatest marvels were built by these powerful mages during the time of these mythic civilizations.

Unlike other countries where treasure seekers, adventurers, and archeologists explore the hidden depths of ancient runes, most of the Thassilon runes remain untouched by the years.  Powerful magics and creatures guard them.  Most children go to bed at night with horror stories akin to Babe Yaga waiting for them if they disturb the sleep of one of these runelords.  While some foolhardy adventurers might say these are just stories to frighten kids, there is at least one crypt where the body of a runelord was found.  Sleeping, not preserved or mummified, but in some sort of stasis as if waiting for the right time to return to the world.  This gives those who scoff at these stories just enough pause to question if they really want to disturb the sleep of one of these ancients.

There are many groups of adventurers who travel the world in these perilous times.

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Written in Stone Jaximus